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A Very Special X-Mas Episode

02:33 The News with Clive: We talk about the Star Wars trailer and the dissection that has ensued. We also talk Genysis trailer, Dr. Strange casting, Jem and the Holograms and mobile gaming.

21:07 Getting Read for X-Mas:  We talk all about our best gifts ever, our favorite  Christmas movies, awesome gift ideas, and we read some letters to Santa we wrote using classic catalogues.

49:27 Beer of the Week: Merry Christmas Beer

53:27 Craft Comics: Drinking Quest, Double Jumpers and Wynter.

1:01:10 Dr. Fate’s Seasonal Depression Awareness Campaign

1:02:47 Mixed Bag: Shaft, Escape from New York, Army of Darkness: Ash in Space, ’68 Homefront, American Terrorist, The Wake

1:21:29 Interview with Brian Stillman, the director of ‘Plastic Galaxy.’ This was a lengthy one and we had to edit it down. For a full version visit the website.

1:53:36 Retro Read: 1942’s Santa Claus in Trouble

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We had all the pleasure and madness of a thousand tenticled beast as we talked to John Reilly and Dexter Weeks. They are currently working on Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla from Action Lab Entertainment. We talk about nightmares, inspirations and what a dick Edison was. We also play a new game called Monster, Bible, Body Part or Sex Aide. We had a real hoot ... ENJOY! 

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On this episode … Marsh’s Dad is a real man, Corey and Fox argue on behalf of bidets and all are in agreement that every movie should come with a free sandwich.

12.36 Listener Feedback with a nice letter from Stu from Cleveland, England. We also got a challenge from our ‘sister’ podcast Male Pattern Gaming. We issue a huge challenge to end all challenges in response.

29.30 News with Clive … stories include Klingon Ale, Batman ’66 Box Set, Stout Schvitzs, Jack Kirby, ‘Fantastic Four in Name Only’ updates, Marvel movies and beer journals. Marsh and Fox have a disagreement about what city is actually Beer City, USA and we want out listeners to help us decide.

46.52 Matter-Eater Lad Diet Program Commercial

48.34 Interview with Tim Yates, the creative mastermind behind Anne Bonnie from Blue Juice Comics. He also plays How Much Would It Take.

1.21.57 DC Presents Commercial

1.23.23 Beer of the Week: Goose Island 312

1.28.45 Mixed-Bag Reviews: Batgirl #36 made Foxie feel old, Superior Iron Man #1 makes Corey think Tony Stark needs a tighter suit, and Red Sonja #1 waited till the last four pages to hook Marsh.

1.44.03 Retro Read: Catman #1 from May, 1941



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We were lucky enough to talk to David Walker who is writing the upcoming Shaft comic book from Dynamite. Listen and don't forget to tell your comic book shop to order Shaft for you ... it promises to be a great series.

Check out more from David Walker by visiting:

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This week:

Fox is sick, Corey is hung-over and we have a new co-host. Chris March joins us for our Halloween special.                                                                                                                                     

News: Beer coffee, the Fantastic Four is no more and much more including Corey saying the words 'wank fodder' a million times.  

Commercial Break: The Michael Caine Candy Company

New Comic Reviews: Marsh read Superman: Future's End, Fox read some classic Captain Britain and Corey read a trio or Halloween delights: Wytches #1, The October Faction #1 and Sabrina #1.

Beers of the Week: Sam Adams Octoberfest and Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

Retro Read: A dramatic reading of some old EC Horror ... a lusty tale of werewolves in old gay Paris.

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A quick review of all the titles read this week. This is spoiler-free (maybe a few slips). If you have a comment or any of your own reviews and ratings then bamf on over to!

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This week:

It’s Fox’s birthday so we drink a little more than we normally do on the show. We start with listener e-mail and a new quiz, Beer or Bullshit?                                                                                                                                     

News: The Batmobile, Dr. Strange, Classic Batman Action Figs, Beer Takeovers and so much more.

Commercial Break: Delicious and nutritious Skrull milk.

Mixed Bag Reviews: Fox spent the week drinking beer for his birthday so he did not read the mixed bag, but Corey soldiered on. Wonder Woman Futures End #1 had a demonic Napoleon, Thor God of Thunder #25 was the perfect end for this run and X-Files Season 10 #16 was a lot like watching the show.

Beers of the Week: Mamma Mia Pizza Beer, Old Brown Dog Ale

Retro Read: In Dr. Strange #1 (1974) we find out what Dr. Strange and James Brown have in common?

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News Links:

Dr. Strange:

Cheap Beer:

Batmobile History:

Batman Toys:

Beer Cans:

Beer Takovers:


Avengers plot:

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This week:

We start with an actual listener e-mail and some random nonsense as always.       

News: All the latest stories from DC banning laughs to pricey eBay actions and Guinness Blonde American.

Commercial Parody

Mixed Bag Reviews: Green Lantern Futures End #1 was pleasing, Rocket Raccoon #3 divided the hosts and Fist of Flame Vol.2 #6 was good but may be a little too pricey.

Exclusive Interview: SHAZAM

Beer of the Week: Erdinger Weissbier

Retro Read: Micronauts #1. How long would you have to be trapped in space to make love to your robot?

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This week:

Corey's Mom is visiting and she hates comics. And what't the deal with no shoes Mr. Shoeless Joe?

News: Spider-Woman Variant Cover, Marvel/DC Merger, Star Wars Origilnal Trilogy on Blu-Ray, Movie News (or fans, keep your pants on!)

Mixed Bag Reviews: Daredevil #7 was touching, Multiversity #1 maybe wowed Corey and left Fox confused, Protectors, Inc. pleased

Retro Read: Detective Comics #s 608 and 609. A new character debuts and Corey may have been in love with Sebsatien Bach.

Beer of the Week: Lost Coast's Indica IPA


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This week:

  • A new co-host and we talk way too much about Michael Fassbender's 'attributes'
  • News: Doctor Who World Tour, Guardians of the Galaxy, Bill Mantlo, Robin Williams
  • Mixed Bag Comic Reviews: She-Hulk #7, Earth 2 #26, Big Trouble in Little China #3
  • Retro Comic Read: Punisher War Journal #1
  • BEER OF THE WEEK: Brew Dog's Jackhammer IPA

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