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We were lucky enough to talk to David Walker who is writing the upcoming Shaft comic book from Dynamite. Listen and don't forget to tell your comic book shop to order Shaft for you ... it promises to be a great series.

Check out more from David Walker by visiting:

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This week:

Fox is sick, Corey is hung-over and we have a new co-host. Chris March joins us for our Halloween special.                                                                                                                                     

News: Beer coffee, the Fantastic Four is no more and much more including Corey saying the words 'wank fodder' a million times.  

Commercial Break: The Michael Caine Candy Company

New Comic Reviews: Marsh read Superman: Future's End, Fox read some classic Captain Britain and Corey read a trio or Halloween delights: Wytches #1, The October Faction #1 and Sabrina #1.

Beers of the Week: Sam Adams Octoberfest and Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

Retro Read: A dramatic reading of some old EC Horror ... a lusty tale of werewolves in old gay Paris.

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A quick review of all the titles read this week. This is spoiler-free (maybe a few slips). If you have a comment or any of your own reviews and ratings then bamf on over to!

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