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We had all the pleasure and madness of a thousand tenticled beast as we talked to John Reilly and Dexter Weeks. They are currently working on Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla from Action Lab Entertainment. We talk about nightmares, inspirations and what a dick Edison was. We also play a new game called Monster, Bible, Body Part or Sex Aide. We had a real hoot ... ENJOY! 

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On this episode … Marsh’s Dad is a real man, Corey and Fox argue on behalf of bidets and all are in agreement that every movie should come with a free sandwich.

12.36 Listener Feedback with a nice letter from Stu from Cleveland, England. We also got a challenge from our ‘sister’ podcast Male Pattern Gaming. We issue a huge challenge to end all challenges in response.

29.30 News with Clive … stories include Klingon Ale, Batman ’66 Box Set, Stout Schvitzs, Jack Kirby, ‘Fantastic Four in Name Only’ updates, Marvel movies and beer journals. Marsh and Fox have a disagreement about what city is actually Beer City, USA and we want out listeners to help us decide.

46.52 Matter-Eater Lad Diet Program Commercial

48.34 Interview with Tim Yates, the creative mastermind behind Anne Bonnie from Blue Juice Comics. He also plays How Much Would It Take.

1.21.57 DC Presents Commercial

1.23.23 Beer of the Week: Goose Island 312

1.28.45 Mixed-Bag Reviews: Batgirl #36 made Foxie feel old, Superior Iron Man #1 makes Corey think Tony Stark needs a tighter suit, and Red Sonja #1 waited till the last four pages to hook Marsh.

1.44.03 Retro Read: Catman #1 from May, 1941



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