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Cold Beer and Comics Episode 11: Peanut Butter and YouTube

On this show, we take a look back at 2014 and a look ahead to 2015.

Fox has been screen golfing, Marsh needs a new vacation destination and Corey has been raising money for his dog.

19:46 The News: Wonder Woman ’77, Ant-Man trailer, Supergirl TV show that Corey insists on calling Superwoman for some unknown reason, Beer Maturation.

33:32 Best of 2014 … and Corey learns the history of the phrase ‘Blowing your wad.’

- Best movies of the year included X-Men, Cap, Guardians, Robocop and … Boyhood.

-Worst movie of the year was unanimous.

- Box-office predictions

- Comics of the year include Anne Bonnie, American Terrorist, Shaft, Wayward

- Most anticipated titles

- Publishers of the year

- Best beers and most disappointing brews

- TV Roundup … we ain’t been watching much apparently.

1:18:27 Beer or Bullshit

- Poo Beer? This and more … play along and see how many you get correct.

Opening theme by Ryan Heenan.

Closing theme by Donda Music.

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