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Cold Beer and Comics Season 2 Episode 2: Blame it on Steve (Explicit Language Warning)

Small Talk ... Corey gives and update on his single issue boycott and the boys all discuss what things they have given up in the past. Everyone also has a discussion about which sense they could give up and we learn that everything in life can be blamed on Corey’s best friend, Steve Power. Also … the boys talk The Flash TV show and agree it is awesome.

16.30: The News … Wonder Woman is rocking a new look, country’s beer favorites, comics have become very gay friendly and the possible Punisher TV show.

31.22: Cape Date commercial parody

33.30: Our discussion of the best toy/comic properties yet to be ruined by Sony. We look at M.A.S.K. and Sectaurs and a bunch of others.

59.12: Van Dyne Times Square commercial parody

1.00.52: The Big Review (SPOLIER FILLED)… we looked at Southern Bastards Volume 1 and in the process probably offended everyone south of the Mason Dixon line with our accents.

1.10.11: Beer/Hero Pairing ... Yin and Yang from Evil Twin Brewing are our beers of the week and they are paired with a martial arts master.

1.16.43: Interview … we talked to the creator and writer of Seoul 2150, a new digital offering from Matthew Fox and Posinoir Comics.

1.33.28: The Retro Read … puts us in the big house as we read Suspense Detective #1 from 1952.

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