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A show about beer and comics made by friends who want to hang out inside your ear canals for a few hours each month.

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A quickie of an episode, to get the rust out of our joints!  We're broadcasting from ONE continent for the first time.  

Booze: Brewery Vivant Undertaker
News: Batffleck Remains, Man of 'Stache, Galaxy's Edge.
Reviews: Aquaman: The Trench, Moon Knight vol. 1, Batman vs. Elmer Fudd

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We talk about Corman's Fantastic Four and The Image Revolution, and pick our favorite politically themed comics.  Does Watchmen hold up?  Do Singer's X-Men movies make effective social commentary?

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Three godless man-children convene on Easter Sunday to get holier than thou.  We talk about the Episode VIII teaser, Thor: Ragnarok, and review a trinity of sacrilegious books.

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We talk about (and try to define) sleaze.  You'll hear about our first pornos, our favorite album covers, memorable movie posters, and the subversive pulp books of yesteryear...all set to a groovy track that would get even the nastiest Toydarian laid.  PLUS, we "direct" our own sleazy masterpieces.  Check your inhibitions, or you'll never survive this one.

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Drinkers and Collectors Remorse!  Ever trade a Yak-Face for a Sgt. Savage?  Sell your X-Men #1 for weed?  You're among friends.  Come in and share.

0:02:26 - Drinker's Remorse
0:08:25 - What are you drinking?
0:14:05 - Collector's Remorse
0:41:57 - News
1:01:30 - Beer/Comic Pairing
1:03:08 - Reviews

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