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Episode 25 - Bask in the Fangasm

This is a fun one. What do Indiana Jones, Drive and Psycho have in common? How do three "grown men" still find time for obsession, aggression and manic depression? Crack a cold one and step into Dr. Freud's office.

Trail #1
Rat Queens Vol. 1
Uncle Scrooge #217

01:00 - Small Talk
08:32 - Topic: What we love
13:48 - Marsh: Indy!
21:53 - Kevin: Drive!
27:41 - Josh: Psycho!
34:53 - Ad: Runnin Rebs Football
35:40 - Our Fangasms
52:04 - Beer/Comic Pairing
54:30 - Reviews

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We blow up Lex Luthor: Man of Steel and blow off X-Men: Apocalypse.  Remembering Anton Yelchin.  PLUS, a 5-Star Batman book that elevates the medium.

14:37 Pennyworth Pastries
16:12 News
32:50 Beer/Comic Pairing
34:27 Reviews

Books Reviewed:
James Bond vol. 1: Vargr
Dark Night: A True Batman Story
Criminal vol. 1: Coward

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On a very special episode of Cold Beer and Comics ... is Lynch dead? SPOILER WARNING: No, he isn't. But a new crew takes the reins this month while the guy who began it all takes a break. Enjoy as a whole new crew sits down with Marsh to talk about all the things we know and love ... like the dreamy Oscar Isaac. 

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Stressed about life? No need to do what Marsh does to relax. Just sit back and have a pint of Chaotic Double IPA as we discuss Velvet Volume 1 and Bitch Planet Volume 1. Remember to always drink beer responsibly and read comics excessively.

News (14:05)
Symbiote Awareness Ad (29:49)
Reviews (30:40)
Beer/Comic Pairing (48:45)

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On this week’s show, we talk about Ghost in the Shell and all that Scar-Jo business. Dr. Strange is coming and Tilda Swinton looks both handsome and beautiful as usual. We talk about Southern Bastards Vol. 2 and The Mad Mummy. We also play a game of EBay Showdown and someone gets schooled. Our beer of the week is Hayseed Farmhouse Ale from Smuttynose. Have a pint and join us for a while. Send e-mails to

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WE'RE BACK! After a wee hiatus we have returned. We sit down for a pint and chat about all the latest comic book action from Hollywood. Marsh is over his seasonal effective disorder and Lynch wants to kiss everyone's back. Thanks for waiting for the new show!

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Corey and Christ sit down to sip a beer and talk about the latest Star Wars film. 

They warm-up with a little chat about the X-Men and Batman vs. Superman trailers. They move into TV talk where Marsh assures Corey that Sam Raimi is delivering a satisfying product with his Evil Dead show.

The bulk of the show is Star Wars. Corey makes JJ an offer he can't refuse and we learn that everybody has a f%#@!ing price.

Enjoy the show and contact us at to share your thoughts.

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We have a Bigfoot sighting! We chat with Josh Henaman, the writer of Bigfoot: Sword of the Eartman from Action Lab, and play beer or bullshit. Naturally, all the other nonsense is still present so don't be worried.

05:52 Interview with Josh Henaman
19:00 Beer or Bullshit
30:40 Calrissian's Mattress Warehouse
32:12 Halloween Talk
35:30 Beer of the Week
37:10 News
45:49 Cape Date
47:50 Beer/Comic Pairing
49:32 Reviews

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Cold Beer and Comics Episode 17: Chainmail and Ale 

Force Friday came and went and our excitement for The Force Awakens is greater than ever. Here’s what we talked about on this show.

4:40 Beer of the Week: Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale

8:05 News: Corey feels like Nostradamus as we revisit some of his greatest predictions like the failures of Age of Ultron and Fantastic Four. Corey wrote a great version of FF while watching his dogs poop.  

The Totally Awesome Hulk is coming and he is a Korean-American. Marsh thinks it’s appropriate given the green Korean monster known as soju ... a liquor you never forget but ironically makes your forget everything.

Aftershock Comics has released details about their December releases.

Preacher is coming and Marsh and Corey think the rights may have been given through a random lottery.

Corey goes all fanboy about Kevin Smith and Mallrats 2. Marsh is happy that you can be cool like Stan Lee at 93.

25:07 Reviews: We read Shadow Vol. 2 #2, Marie of the Dragons #1: Armance ½, Fables: Wolves Among Us #39, Plutona #1, Parallaxium #0, Moon Streak #1

43:43 Luthor/Trump 2016 Commercial

44:55 Beer of the week comic pairing: Paradise Valley Grapefruit Ale and Red Sonja.


47:21 The Force Awakens – what we want to see and don’t want to see. Some of our highlights include Luke wearing a baggy Vader outfit, underwater lightsabers, and the return of some our favorite characters no matter how ridiculous it may seem. MTFBWY!

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On this episode:

We talk about the wonders of ignorance, the latest movie traliers, awesome comics and kick-ass princesses.  We only mention wanking once which is a new record.

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